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Boxerbrand manufactures Restaurant Menu Covers, Stationery Portfolios, and Guest Service Directories. Built with style, elegance and taste, Boxerbrand offers a world-class selection of restaurant menu covers and hotel room products, designed to convey your sense of style.

Boxerbrand's Menu Cover Collections

Boxerbrand offers a complete range of styles to fit any décor and budget.

Built with craftsmanship.

World-class selection of restaurant menu covers and hotel room products.

Built with attention to detail, Boxerbrand searches for materials from around the world and selects only those that lend themselves to exceptional design and essential durability for restaurant and hospitality usage. While often out of sight, the difference is in the details—including best-of-class construction techniques and quality materials.

Who we are:

Boxerbrand is dedicated to building first class presentation materials for the Restaurant & Hospitality industry. Established in 1991, we have over 30 years of experience sourcing materials, refining our manufacturing techniques, and creating beautiful, performance oriented, Menu Covers and Hotel Room products. We speak with restaurant & hospitality professionals every day. But more importantly, we listen! So we understand your expectations for the product and the absolute requirement for on-time delivery. Our entire team is devoted to that end.

Boxerbrand's Winning Formula for Menu Covers

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