Contemporary Menu Cover Collections

Discover the perfect blend of modern style and durability with our Contemporary Menu Covers. Each cover is handcrafted, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail. Explore an extensive selection of styles, surfaces, textures, and color tones, each designed to complement your restaurant's contemporary d├ęcor and individual taste. These covers are not just functional; they are a testament to your commitment to style and quality.

Linen Naturals Menu Covers

Linen Naturals

Casual & Coordinated

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Ostrich, Baby! Menu Covers

Ostrich, Baby!

Bright & Colorful

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iCandy Menu Covers


Durable & Delicious

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Metallic Tones Menu Covers

Metallic Tones

Cool & Luminiscent

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Capri Menu Covers


Chic & Sleek

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Snakebite Menu Covers


Striking & Bold

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Iridescents Menu Covers


Colorful & Sensuous

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Splash Menu Covers


Slim & Waterproof

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Slenders Menu Covers


Smart & Affordable

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