How Boxerbrand Builds Their Custom Menu Covers

Built to look good. Built with attention to detail, Boxerbrand searches for materials from around the world and selects only those that lend themselves to exceptional design and essential durability for restaurant and hospitality usage. While often out of sight, the difference is in the details—including the following best-of-class construction techniques and quality materials:

Menu Cover Craftsmanship

Built With Craftsmanship

1. Hand turned materials insure precision corners and edges.

2. All covering materials are either stain proof or stain resistant and waterproof to insure durability over time.

3. Extreme care taken with positioning of images.

4. All products are shipped with cushion filling to protect in shipping from our factory to final destination.

5. Reinforces Acroflex™ Spines for extra durability and longer life.

6. Our construction technique ensures that the final product will lay perfectly flat, without warping or bending.

7. Interior lining materials are glued (not taped) to assure proper adhesion and add years to product life.

8. Rigorous quality control protocol. Every product is individually cleaned and inspected in a two-step redundant process.