Restaurant Menu Cover Collections

Luxury Menu Covers

Transform your menu presentation. Here's where beauty and performance meet to deliver unmatched sophistication. There's light. There's color. There's Shimmer & String Theory.

Riviere Menu Covers


Quiet & Composed

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Shimmer Menu Covers


Radiant & Luxurious

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String Theory Menu Covers

String Theory

Beautiful. Mystery.

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Contemporary Menu Covers

Leaning forward and looking cool. Choose from 10 distinctive Contemporary Styles. Every cover is hand built for quality and decorated to reflect your individual good taste and décor.

Linen Naturals Menu Covers

Linen Naturals

Casual & Coordinated

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Ostrich, Baby! Menu Covers

Ostrich, Baby!

Bright & Colorful

View Ostrich, Baby!
iCandy Menu Covers


Durable & Delicious

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Metallic Tones Menu Covers

Metallic Tones

Cool & Luminiscent

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Capri Menu Covers


Chic & Sleek

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Snakebite Menu Covers


Striking & Bold

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Iridescents Menu Covers


Colorful & Sensuous

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Splash Menu Covers


Slim & Waterproof

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Slenders Menu Covers


Smart & Affordable

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Meditations Menu Covers


Subtle & Serene

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Classic Collection

This Menu Cover collection conveys the elegant and traditional style of fine dining establishments, steakhouses, country clubs and bars. Available in a variety of rich, vintage colors and textures. Classic Restaurant Menus: Designed for fine dining establishments.

Corks Menu Covers


Rich & Durable

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Classic Leather Menu Covers

Classic Leather

Exquisite & Padded

View Classic Leather
Classic Menu Covers


Padded & Elegant

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DuoTones Menu Covers


Flexible & Tailored

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Affordable Collection

This Menu Cover collection complements the easy, laid-back feel of any great family-style restaurant or café. Durable and affordable and available in a variety of colorful trims.

Penny Menu Covers


Handsome & Affordable

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Sewn-Edge Menu Covers


Crystal Clear & Durable

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All Clear Menu Covers

All Clear

Clear & Simple

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Insert Pockets

Insert Pockets

Add more pages

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