Restaurant Menu Cover Collections

Menu covers are more than just holders for your menu pages; they are a reflection of your restaurant's identity and an integral part of the guest experience. They do more than just protect your menus; they are storytellers, setting the stage for the culinary journey that awaits your patrons. These covers are canvases, displaying your restaurant's personality and style through their design.

Luxury Menu Covers

Elevate your guests' experience from the moment they pick up the menu. Our Luxury Menu Covers blend exquisite beauty with outstanding performance. Designed for the sophisticated palate, they are colorfast and stain resistant, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor dining settings. Experience the pinnacle of menu cover craftsmanship with our most advanced construction techniques. Choose from a variety of textures and hues to perfectly align with your restaurant’s upscale ambiance.

Riviere Menu Covers


Quiet & Composed

Shimmer Menu Covers


Radiant & Luxurious

String Theory Menu Covers

String Theory

Beautiful. Mystery.

Contemporary Menu Covers

Discover the perfect blend of modern style and durability with our Contemporary Menu Covers. Each cover is handcrafted, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail. Explore an extensive selection of styles, surfaces, textures, and color tones, each designed to complement your restaurant's contemporary décor and individual taste. These covers are not just functional; they are a testament to your commitment to style and quality.

Linen Naturals Menu Covers

Linen Naturals

Casual & Coordinated

Ostrich, Baby! Menu Covers

Ostrich, Baby!

Bright & Colorful

iCandy Menu Covers


Durable & Delicious

Metallic Tones Menu Covers

Metallic Tones

Cool & Luminiscent

Capri Menu Covers


Chic & Sleek

Snakebite Menu Covers


Striking & Bold

Iridescents Menu Covers


Colorful & Sensuous

Splash Menu Covers


Slim & Waterproof

Slenders Menu Covers


Smart & Affordable

Premium Menu Covers

For restaurants seeking to make a statement of elegance and quality, our Premium Menu Covers are the ideal choice. Crafted from high-end materials sourced from Italy, these covers exude character and durability. Their sophisticated design and superior materials are guaranteed to enhance the dining experience and elevate your restaurant's concept.

Prime Time Menu Covers

Prime Time

Colorful & Confident

Italian Ultra Menu Covers

Italian Ultra

Beyond Leather

Classic Collection

This Menu Cover collection conveys the elegant and traditional style of fine dining establishments, steakhouses, country clubs and bars. Available in a variety of rich, vintage colors and textures.

Corks Menu Covers


Rich & Durable

Classic Leather Menu Covers

Classic Leather

Exquisite & Padded

Classic Menu Covers


Padded & Elegant

DuoTones Menu Covers


Flexible & Tailored

Woodlands Menu Covers


Down to Earth

Affordable Collection

Our Affordable Collection is designed for family-style restaurants and cafes that prioritize a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. These durable menu covers are both practical and stylish, available in a variety of colorful trims to match your restaurant’s casual vibe. Perfect for establishments that want quality and durability at an affordable price, this collection ensures that every guest feels at home the moment they browse your menu.

Penny Menu Covers


Handsome & Affordable

Sewn-Edge Menu Covers


Crystal Clear & Durable

All Clear Menu Covers

All Clear

Clear & Simple

Insert Pockets

Insert Pockets

Add more pages

In summary, our diverse range of menu covers offers something for every type of dining establishment, helping to create a memorable first impression and enhance the overall dining experience.