Captains Book Menu Cover

Flexible & Stylish

Whether it's a short list of those best sellers that just never get old, or a big old fashioned page-turner that goes on forever, there's a perfect Captain’s Book to present your offerings.

Captain's Book Build Options

Three great ways to configure your presentation.


Flat Built

A nice modern way to highlight your offerings. Neat and clean with exposed handsome onyx hardware. Easily holds up to 18 high grade vinyl sleeves, accommodating 36 paper pages, back to back. Super easy to add & subtract pages! (available in all product lines)


Hidden Screw & Post

The classic Wine and Spirits presentation. Hidden riveted hardware. Padded surface provides a luxurious feel. Holds up to 18 high grade vinyl sleeves, accommodating 36 paper pages back to back. Add or subtract pages as you need. (available in all product lines)


Spiral Booklet

A little different twist. Custom-made spiral booklet inserts easily into the outer shell and allows for up to 7 high grade vinyl sleeves, accommodating 14 paper pages back to back. (available in all product lines)

Available in all colors and textures

Coordinate Your Menus

Make your branding efforts more powerful, more successful, and more profitable. Check out all our Boxerbrand products and speak with a sales associate to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

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Captain's Books
Captain's Books

Easy to coordinate with existing menu styles. Available in 3 configurations, Spiral Booklet, screw & and Screw & Post Binding.

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