Corks Menu Cover

Guaranteed not to flake, crumble or crack.

Corks blends the natural look of real cork with the performance of a super-durable synthetic. Boxerbrand's Corks Menu Covers, are specially formulated and constructed to express the look of real cork, while maintaining the three essential qualities of good menu cover construction: Beauty. Durability. Stain Repelling Capacity. Perfect for fine and casual dining, as well as wine oriented presentations.

Corks Surface & Color Tones

It's cozy and warm and just perfect by candlelight with a bottle of wine.

Note: Due to monitor displays, these colors may not be 100% accurate. Please refer to your swatch samples for an actual representation.

Care & Maintenance
Corks Amaretto
Corks Birch
Corks Plum
Corks pomegranate
Corks Vintage
Corks Truffl

Corks Stamping Option

Choose from several foil stamp options to make your image, your logo, your style... sing!!!

Foil Stamp

Foil stamping is the time tested standard for decorating your menu covers. A technique that conveys an inherent sense of quality and richness.

Coordinate your menu holders

Coordinating restaurant menu holders are an essential element of a cohesive and polished dining experience. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these holders are designed to complement the aesthetic of your restaurant's decor and enhance the presentation of your menus. Whether you prefer sleek and modern designs, rustic and charming styles, or elegant and sophisticated finishes, there's a coordinating menu holder to suit every ambiance.

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Table Tents

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Captain's Books

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Guest Service Directories

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Table Tents

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