Ostrich Baby Menu Cover

Dining room. Patio. Bar. Lounge. Perfect!

Wow! It's cool. It's colorful. And it's a beautiful way to showcase that new menu. Add spice and shake it up with Ostrich, Baby! Available in 9 richly saturated colortones, as delicious as pumpkin soup or a cheesy soufflé. Made of a resilient, stain-resistant material that provides the durability you require. Will not tear or crack. Speaks to a sense of quality and good design.

Surface & Color Tones

Bright and colorful as a windsurfer on a sunny day. It's laid back but with a totally full-of-life feel. A juicy color palette. Life is good!

Note: Due to monitor displays, these colors may not be 100% accurate. Please refer to your swatch samples for an actual representation.

Black feather
Fresh Lavender
Turquoise Bay

Ostrich, Baby! Stamping Options

Choose from several decorating options to make your image, your logo, your style... sing!!! Whether you're all about Colorful & Exciting, Subtle & Understated, or good old fashioned Classic Black, Silver or Gold!


Much like branding on hide, burnishing leaves a permanent impression. One characterized by perfect clarity and understanded elegance. Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Blind Deboss

Simplicity and subtlety prevail. Depth of debossing can vary, depending on image and materials selected. This technique is an imprint with NO color applied.

Coordinate Your Menus

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