Contemporary Die Collection

Click on any word below to view actual size. Words are available in all foil stamping colors. No modifications to size are allowed.

Contemporary Letter Menu

Size: 1.10" W
Code: CONT-1
Contemporary Letter Dinner

Size: 1.70" W
Code: CONT-2
Contemporary Letter Dessert

Size: 2.0" W
Code: CONT-3
Contemporary Letter Lunch

Size: 1.35" W
Code: CONT-4
Contemporary Letter Wines

Size: 1.40" W
Code: CONT-5
Contemporary Letter Beer

Size: 1.10" W
Code: CONT-6
Contemporary Letter Beverages

Size: 2.50" W
Code: CONT-7
Contemporary Letter After Dinner

Size: 3.50" W
Code: CONT-8
Contemporary Letter Wine List

Size: 2.60" W
Code: CONT-9
Contemporary Letter Drinks

Size: 1.70" W
Code: CONT-10
Contemporary Letter Thank You

Size: 2.25" W
Code: CONT-11

Contemporary Century Menu

Size: 1.375" W
Code: CONT-21
Contemporary Century Dinner

Size: 1.50" W
Code: CONT-22
Contemporary Century Dessert

Size: 1.70" W
Code: CONT-23
Contemporary Century Lunch

Size: 1.40" W
Code: CONT-24
Contemporary Century Wines

Size: 1.40" W
Code: CONT-25
Contemporary Century Beer

Size: 1.10" W
Code: CONT-26
Contemporary Century Beverages

Size: 2.50" W
Code: CONT-27
Contemporary Century After Dinner

Size: 2.85" W
Code: CONT-28
Contemporary Century Wine List

Size: 2.0" W
Code: CONT-29
Contemporary Century Drinks

Size: 1.35" W
Code: CONT-30
Contemporary Century Thank You

Size: 2.25" W
Code: CONT-31

Traditional: Some dies may not be suitable on certain materials. Please discuss with your Boxerbrand Sales Representative.

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