Traditional Stock Die Collection

Click on any word below to view actual size. Words are available in all foil stamping colors. No modifications to size are allowed.

Traditional Garamond Menu

Size: 1.40" W
Code: TRAD-1
Traditional Garamond Dinner

Size: 1.75" W
Code: TRAD-2
Traditional Garamond Dessert

Size: 1.90" W
Code: TRAD-3
Traditional Garamond Lunch

Size: 1.60" W
Code: TRAD-4
Traditional Garamond Wines

Size: 1.50" W
Code: TRAD-5
Traditional Garamond Beer

Size: 1.10" W
Code: TRAD-6
Traditional Garamond Beverages

Size: 2.40" W
Code: TRAD-7
Traditional Garamond After Dinner

Size: 3.20" W
Code: TRAD-8
Traditional Garamond Wine List

Size: 2.40" W
Code: TRAD-9
Traditional Garamond Drinks

Size: 1.65" W
Code: TRAD-10
Traditional Garamond Thank You

Size: 2.25" W
Code: TRAD-11

Traditional Bell Menu

Size: 1.50" W
Code: TRAD-21
Traditional Bell Dinner

Size: 2.0" W
Code: TRAD-22
Traditional Bell Dessert

Size: 2.25" W
Code: TRAD-23
Traditional Bell Lunch

Size: 1.75" W
Code: TRAD-24
Traditional Bell Wines

Size: 1.65" W
Code: TRAD-25
Traditional Bell Beer

Size: 1.30" W
Code: TRAD-26
Traditional Bell Beverages

Size: 2.90" W
Code: TRAD-27
Traditional Bell After Dinner

Size: 3.40" W
Code: TRAD-28
Traditional Bell Wine List

Size: 2.65" W
Code: TRAD-29
Traditional Bell Drinks

Size: 1.85" W
Code: TRAD-30
Traditional Bell Thank You

Size: 2.25" W
Code: TRAD-26

Traditional: Some dies may not be suitable on certain materials. Please discuss with your Boxerbrand Sales Representative.